Postgraduate Day Organisation

Good afternoon,

We are writing to you as a result of discussions held at last year’s Australian Society for French Studies Conference in Queensland.

During the conference, Post Graduate students in French Studies indicated that they would like to create a Forum through which they could communicate, exchange information and keep up- to-date with the work of other students around Australia and New Zealand.  In particular, we discussed the possibility of establishing a Post Graduate Day at the same time as the Annual ASFS Conference so that post graduates could present their work and receive feedback from other post graduate students prior to presentation at the main conference. It was felt that this would be particularly encouraging for new students who had no previous experience in conference presentations.

As there is no one site that would enable us to obtain a list of all post graduates in French Studies within Australia and New Zealand, we would be very grateful if you could either provide us with a list of post graduate students in your Department or under your supervision so that we can write to them directly, or, if preferred (and due to privacy reasons), forward this email to those students so that they can contact us if they wish to.

Thank you in advance for your help in this matter.

Bien cordialement,

Sarah Reed
Doctoral Candidate in French Studies
University of Adelaide

Clara Sitbon
Doctoral Candidate in French Studies
University of Newcastle

Nicolas Baudin Grants

Nicolas Baudin Grants

Nicolas Baudin grants consist in a return flight ticket between Australia and France. Recipients of French government grants are also covered by social security during their time in France, as well as being exempt from paying any visa fees.

Students are eligible to apply through the following frameworks:

1) Students seeking to undertake a research internship in a French laboratory in collaboration with a French company in the framework of the “Internship in France” initiative.

2) Students seeking to undertake a research internship in France outside of the Embassy’s “Internship in France” initiative.

3) Students enrolled at an Australian university seeking to take part in an exchange program /study abroad at a French establishment.

4) Students seeking to pursue a full degree at a French university (students will obtain a French degree at the end of their studies), including double degrees jointly offered by a French and an Australian university.

5) Students seeking to undertake a short term program at a French establishment. This includes summer and winter school programs.

In the 2018 round, there are 56 internships available for Australian students offering many opportunities to work with French research labs and industrial partners such as Naval Group, Airbus, Parrot, Total, Nikon and Tales to name a few.

(See links for eligibility requirements and application forms).