Maisons de Poètes / Homes of Poets – Entretiens (in) situ

Suite au récent lancement de leur Carnet Hypothèses Maisons de Poètes / Homes of Poets (, Marie-Clémence Régnier (Université d’Artois) et Bertrand Bourgeois (The University of Melbourne) sont heureux de vous annoncer la création d’une rubrique “entretiens (in) situ”.

La première série d’entretiens podcastés « Maisons de poètes hors les murs » porte sur les entreprises contemporaines de valorisation de Maisons de poètes qui interrogent la « dématérialisation », la « déconstruction », voire la « destruction » au propre comme au figuré, des maisons originelles, soit que la valorisation se fasse hors site (musée, galerie…), soit « virtuellement » grâce à des dispositions numériques (« e-musée », « visite virtuelle » par exemple).

Le premier podcast vidéo vous propose une présentation de l’e-musée Annie Ernaux par sa fondatrice et curatrice, Michèle Bacholle (Professor of French Studies, Eastern Connecticut State University), suivie d’un entretien avec Michèle Bacholle. Les vidéos de la présentation et de l’entretien peuvent être visionnées ici :   

Un second podcast vidéo constitué d’une présentation du site et d’un entretien avec sa curatrice, Constance Krebs, sera très prochainement mis en ligne.


Following the recent launch of their research blog Maisons de Poètes / Homes of Poets (, Marie-Clémence Régnier (Université d’Artois) and Bertrand Bourgeois (The University of Melbourne) are pleased to announce the creation of a new “entretiens (in) situ/interviews (in) situ” section.

The first series of video podcast interviews “Homes of poets beyond the walls” examines contemporary projects based on Homes of Poets that explore, literally and figuratively, the “dematerialisation”, “deconstruction” or even the “destruction” of the original houses – whether it be through off-site activities (such as in museums, galleries, or installations) or through digital ventures (e-museums, virtual visits, etc.).

The first two video podcasts include a virtual presentation of the Annie Ernaux e-museum and an interview with e-curator Michèle Bacholle (Professor of French Studies, Eastern Connecticut State University). You can watch both videos here:

The next forthcoming video podcast will be devoted to the site and will include an interview with its curator, Constance Krebs.

Conference, Nov 20-23: ‘Life Writing: Transnationalism, Translingualism, Transculturalism’

Colleagues are invited to attend the fourth IABA – Asia Pacific conference, which focuses on the theme of life narratives, encompassing a variety of languages, nations, and media forms.

Transnationalism is an increasingly popular phenomenon, reflecting and responding to the heightened interconnectivity between people and the receding economic and social significance of boundaries among nation states. The current global pandemic has brought issues of interconnectivity sharply into question. In this context, this conference will explore life narratives across a broad variety of contexts.

By discussing life narratives, including in a variety of languages, this conference aims to expand the boundaries of literary studies and its relationships with other media and nations.

The conference will be held in two modes, incorporating face to face and zoom sessions. The face to face location will be announced to registrants, and a zoom link will be circulated to those who plan to attend online.

Conference Dates: 20-23 November 2021

Confirmed Keynote Speakers:

Prof. Ricia Chansky, University of Puerto Rico,

Prof. Anne Pender, University of Adelaide

Prof. Liu Jialin, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Prof. Kate Douglas, Flinders University

Organising Committee:

Professor Natalie Edwards, Dr. Christopher Hogarth, Dr. Kylie Cardell, Professor Kate Douglas

IABA Asia-Pacific emerges from the central disciplinary association for auto/biography scholars—The International Auto/Biography Association (IABA). IABA was founded in 1999 as a multidisciplinary network that aims to deepen the cross-cultural understanding of self, identity and experience, and to carry on global dialogues about life writing/narrative. IABA Asia-Pacific aims to foster new region-specific conversations and to encourage regional participation in the global IABA conference. Our goal is to develop scholarly networks between life narrative scholars and practitioners in the Asia-Pacific region that support the circulation and publication of high-quality life narrative theory, practice, and pedagogy.

This conference forms part of an Australian Research Council funded Discovery Project on Transnational Narratives of Migration to Australia (Natalie Edwards and Christopher Hogarth, DP190102863). Visit our website here.

Header image photo by Dariusz Sankowski via Unsplash.