Helpful Resources

The following books may be useful in planning your future career path.

The New Academic : A Strategic Handbook
By (author)  Shelda Debowski

“This is an accessible and insightful book about how to achieve a successful academic career. Wise and witty, easy-to-apply, it presents advice and guidance on teaching, research and networking …A much needed book.” Dr Ming Cheng, Senior Research Fellow, the Centre for Learning and Teaching, University of Brighton, UK “All academic staff should get a copy of this book on day one as part of orientation! It is well written, practical and easy to read. I will use this book as a road map for my whole career.” Dr Rhonda Clifford, Deputy Director, Division of Pharmacy, University of Western Australia, Australia “This is a book that is long overdue! While it will be particularly appealing to early career academic and should be recommended reading for all ‘new academics’, it will also have wider and broader appeal for all academic leaders and managers interested in building a culture of effective, engaged academics who can achieve their full career potential, and thereby contribute to the success of the institution.” Professor Lorraine Stefani, Director, Centre for Academic Development, University of Auckland, New Zealand Are you looking to build a successful academic career? Written by an experienced author, this insightful handbook gives a comprehensive overview of academic work, from the starting point of seeking employment to moving into leadership roles. In today’s competitive academic environment, you need to be able to operate strategically as a teacher, researcher and leader to establish yourself and progress. This book shows you how to take ownership of your career, build a strong support base and integrate regular evaluative and reflective practices to monitor the success of your career strategy. The book: Explains the broader higher education context and the way academics are assessed and evaluated Explores the key support strategies that can be accessed, including mentors and sponsors Includes practical checklists and tips on academic practices, including grant seeking, publishing, teaching, networking and managing research projects Examines critical issues such as dealing with difficult academic cultures and bullying.

An Academic Life: A Handbook for New Academics
by Robert H. Cantwell (Editor), Jill J. Scevak (Editor)

Academic life is complex. Adjusting to life as a new academic requires a range of skills and abilities to fulfill the multiple roles of a researcher, teacher, and administrator. This book assists in the process of orienting new academics to the nature of academic life, particularly with greater accountability, the growth in the numbers of academic staff, and the increasing demands and expectations from the growing student population. It addresses the key areas of academic work, including teaching, research, publishing, administration, community service, and the social and cultural aspects of academic life. The book brings together new academics and experienced educators from a variety of discipline backgrounds to provide clear and practical insights into the journey of entering the world of academic life. Any new academic will find this book an invaluable resource for conceptualizing and contextualizing the academic world they are now a part of.