DRAFT / ASFS Works-in-Progress Symposium for Research Students in French and Francophone Studies

DRAFT and the Australian Society for French Studies (ASFS) invite proposals from research students for a works-in-progress symposium to be held online Friday 28th July, 2023. The event is designed to offer a supportive space for research students, working on a topic related to French and Francophone Studies, to share their current work with their peers as well as other scholars whose current research activities relate to the presentations.

Who: The event is open to students enrolled in a research degree (Honours, MPhil, PhD, or equivalent), in Australia, New Zealand or abroad. Students can be enrolled in French Studies, French and Francophone Studies, or in a different discipline but working on topics related to the field.

What: The event will host online works-in-progress presentations, in French or English, in two different formats:

  1. 10-minute presentation + 5 minutes of discussion/questions
    • this option is designed for projects that are still in the early stages of development.
    • all proposals from eligible students will be accepted.
    • proposals should include a 100-word summary of the presentation.
  2. 20-minute presentation + 10 minutes of discussion/questions
    • this option is better suited to a more developed project.
    • proposals will pass through a selection committee, though we endeavour to be as inclusive as possible.
    • proposals should include a 250-word summary of the presentation.

When: Friday 28th July

Where: Online (Zoom links in the programme below)

Please contact Beth Kearney (b.kearney@uq.edu.au) for all inquiries.


Access the programme, abstracts, and Zoom meetings by clicking on the link below:

Symposium Programme

Book of Abstracts

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