Language Teaching Assistants, 2nd round

The below message is posted on behalf of Jason Bensen, Language Assistants Program Coordinator. Please contact him directly if you have queries about this program.



We have just opened a second round of applications for the language teaching assistants program in metropolitan France.

This is a fantastic opportunity for students to immerse themselves in French culture, perfect their language skills, and gain professional (paid) experience by working as English teaching assistants with students of primary or secondary level. It is open to students of all disciplines who can demonstrate competence in French, and who are seeking to increase their linguistic and cultural proficiency.

The first round of applications closed on February 9th but unfortunately not enough Australian students applied to fill the quota provided for Australia. We are therefore calling on your help to promote the second round, which will remain open until the 6th of March, to all Australian tertiary students who may have competence in French language and a desire to spend 7 months working in France!

All information, as well as the link to apply, are available here:

We appreciate the commitment that you have to the alliance of French and Australian cultures, and are counting on you to share our enthusiasm for this fantastic opportunity.

I am available for any questions regarding the program.
Best regards,

Language Assistants Program Coordinator
Embassy of France in Australia
6 Perth Ave, Yarralumla ACT 2600,Australia
T  +61 2 6216 0137 

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