New publication in Language Studies featuring ASFS members

We wish to draw attention to this new publication in Language Studies, co-edited by former ASFS President Professor Jean Fornasiero. Intersections in Language Policy and Planning: Establishing Connections in Languages and Cultures contains several chapters from ASFS members which we hope would be useful to the work of our French Studies community. These include:

“Making the Case for Languages in Postgraduate Study” by current ASFS President Natalie Edwards and current ASFS treasurer Christopher Hogarth,

“French Studies at the University of Melbourne, 1921-1956” by former ASFS President Véronique Duché, and

“Engaging with the Past: Lessons from the History of Modern Languages at the University of Adelaide” by thirty-year ASFS stalwart John West-Sooby.

Please consider ordering this publication for your university’s library.


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